Tips for Hosting Your First Brunch Party

Do you want to host brunch but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry; we’re here to help. Check out these great tips for hosting your first brunch.

What’s better than breakfast and lunch? It’s brunch. Gather your closest friends or family members for a tasty midday meal. If you have never hosted brunch before, that’s okay. All you need is a few great people and a delicious meal. If you have those things, you’ll be fine. Get started planning by reading these tips for hosting your first brunch party.

Pick a Theme

Traditional brunches are fun, but you can take things to the next level by picking a theme. If you want some creative options, here are some examples of brunch themes:

  • TV show-inspired brunch. Guests arrive as TV show characters, and menu items are from TV shows.
  • International flavor brunch. All menu items are dishes inspired by different countries.
  • Pancake party. Provide a variety of pancakes along with a toppings bar. 
  • Pajama brunch. Guests arrive in pajamas, and you serve traditional breakfast food.

Create a Budget and Guest List

Before sending out invites, create a budget for your brunch. Depending on how much you can spend, think about how many guests you can invite. Can you splurge and invite a large group, or do you have to keep things intimate? Again, setting a budget is essential before further planning.

Once you set a budget, it’s time to make a guest list and send out invites. It’s best to let people know at least a week in advance before the brunch. Not only does it give your guests enough notice, but it also allows you plenty of time for preparations.

Generate a Menu

Food is what makes brunch a brunch. Generate a tasty menu your guests will enjoy. For first-time brunch hosts, keep the menu simple. You can serve a large main dish with smaller side dishes. This is less labor-intensive, and it typically goes over well. Before setting a final menu, keep note of your guests’ dietary restrictions. You can tell guests to contact you with their restrictions or label menu items with ingredients. Drinks can also be simple because there are ways to make your beverages more flavorful without getting too complicated.

Prep the Night Before

One of the greatest tips for hosting brunch is prepping the night before. Set plates, decorate, and meal prep the night before. Getting as much done as possible is a stress reducer. In the morning, your only concern should be food and drink prep.

Brunches are fun, and anyone can host one. All it takes is some careful planning, and you’ll be on your way to hosting a brunch. If you’re thinking about planning one soon, refer to our tips for hosting your first brunch party. Remember to have fun and enjoy your brunch.

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