Cool Tips for Making Money With a Frozen Drink Machine

Did you know that frozen drinks are not only tasty but also profitable for businesses? Uncover top tips for making money with a frozen drink machine.

How does your quick-service business, convenience store, or food establishment meet customer demands now? How about in the foreseeable future? Many profitable strategies are available, but those on the consumer market can profit from expanding their menu selections. In particular, frozen beverages are a high-growth product category that businesses can take full advantage of.

Many customers have a specific thirst that water and fountain drinks cannot satisfy. Frozen drinks are popular menu alternatives to switch up the beverage scene. Any business space can boost its sales if they dive into this concept. Curious how? Let’s examine a few cool tips for making money with a frozen drink machine.   

Stay Up to Date With Trends

Frozen drink machines offer business owners power and potential in their hands. As long as you maintain your machine and follow over-freezing prevention tips, a beneficial relationship is sure to last. The versatility of these machines can play to the crowd in all the right ways. Food service establishments can promote products with any level of thickness or flavor.

Staying up-to-date with trends is a must if you want to see a significant profit from your investment. Cool beverages continue to heat up the market due to social media, nostalgia, and healthy movement trends. The options are limitless—slushies, smoothies, coffees, tea slushes, frozen lemonades, margaritas, cocktails, and more. No matter your choice, be purposeful with what you put on the menu.

Let Your Customers Be Creative

Speaking of the shifting beverage world, a smooth move is to allow customer customization. This is another of our cool tips for making money with a frozen drink machine. Frozen drinks remain a ritual for all generations alike, but the target demographic for this strategy is younger consumers. This age group loves to see variety in beverage selections—they want to personalize to their liking.

Frozen beverages come in many shapes, sizes, and flavors. Keep a close eye on specialty drinks when catering to Millennials and Gen Zers. Offer a wider array of syrups, ingredients, and mixes to provide opportunities for specification.

Year-Round Options: Keep It Seasonal

Classic soft drinks and cocktails may meet the needs of customers year-round. That being said, seasonal beverages drive the “I want it now” demand. Consider the hoopla of seasonality. Despite common beliefs, ready-made frozen drinks can be just as popular in the winter months are they are in the summer. Your profitability here relies on the marketability of menu offerings.

Fortunately, implementing a seasonal strategy to a frozen beverage program is easy with the right planning. Consider unique brews and tastes solely for holiday times, such as cranberry, rosemary, pomegranate, or cinnamon. Signature sweet, spiced, or spiked items go beyond the standard syrups to attract new customers and firmly bind the loyalty of returning ones. At the end of the day, these tips will help you stand out from the crowd.

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