Interesting Ingredients to Spice Up Your Salad

Try these interesting ingredients to spice up your salad at least once. By experimenting with different flavors, you will find amazing new creations.

Most folks spend all their time preparing the main course and overlook the importance of their salads. But that is a terrible mistake. When you host a dinner party, your guests will remember your salad just as much as anything else you serve.

Make sure that your dish is not boring by using a few interesting ingredients to spice up your salad. In this article, you will find fresh ideas to mix up an old staple. Hopefully, after you read this, you will have the know-how to add spice to any salad.

Fresh Herbs

Adding some fresh herbs can make any salad just a bit more exciting. Whether you use whole mint leaves, snipped chives, or torn basil, the potent aromas and tastes of fresh herbs will make your dinner guests ravenous for more. If you have your own herb garden, a salad is a perfect opportunity to show off your bounty.


A salad needs both texture and flavor to be a substantial, delectable appetizer. When you add grain, be it pasta, quinoa, or farro, you are adding interesting ingredients to spice up your salad. They could be the main attraction of your salad, providing substance and weight, or you can also just sprinkle them on to give your salad a slight crunch every few bites.


Possibly the most creative and least utilized ingredient on this list, honeycomb actually goes well with plenty of foods. Adding chunks of honeycomb and crumbled goat cheese to an arugula salad will make it a noteworthy, exciting dish—one that your guests will remember and talk about for many days to come.

Nuts and Seeds

Toasted or raw seeds add a sweet hit of nutrition and flavor to your salad without overpowering it. Throw in pecans if you want a rich, buttery taste. You could also try walnuts for their sweetness or cashews for a light crunch. As we near Halloween, pumpkin seeds can provide some festive flair.

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