Food Certification Program Providing Consumers, Retailers, And Manufacturers With Reliable Healthy Food Standards

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The Paleo Diet® Brings Clarity to a Confusing Food Marketplace

The Paleo Diet® has launched a new food certification program based on the science of Dr. Loren Cordain, who founded the modern Paleolithic nutrition movement. This food certification program is based on the organization’s mission: to promote science-based healthy nutrition and make better nutrition more accessible to health-conscious consumers. Potential partners are invited to learn more at

The founders of The Paleo Diet have shown that highly processed foods, GMO foods, grains, legumes, dairy products, and many other foods are bad for us because they were not part of the diet humans evolved eating for millions of years. To lead the way back to healthy foods, The Paleo Diet has translated the evidence-based, peer-reviewed science of Paleolithic eating into a modern food certification process that is now available to food manufacturers, retailers, and other partners. Certification by The Paleo Diet, LLC will help consumers make healthier choices in a highly competitive and complex food marketplace.

The size of the total market for Paleo foods is now in excess of $200 billion annually and rising. Grocery shoppers choosing between meats, prepared meals, or fruits and vegetables need assurance that the foods they buy are healthy. The Paleo Diet certification offers retailers and manufacturers a science-based standard to show which foods are better for health. Consumers will immediately benefit by being able to select superior products. Manufacturers will benefit by aligning with this globally recognized healthy nutrition brand to differentiate their products on shelf and online.

Trevor Connor, CEO of The Paleo Diet, commented, “After years of development, we’re excited to announce our certification program, which is based on the original science of leading researchers like Dr. Loren Cordain and Dr. Boyd Eaton. The goal of our certification program is to clear up confusion in the marketplace and help consumers make healthier choices. Our new certification empowers consumers to know which foods are truly healthy.”

“Our certification program launches alongside a new rebranding,” continued Connor. “Our new CPG-friendly logo reflects the vibrant, energetic lifestyle, and the spectrum of health benefits that The Paleo Diet offers.”

The Paleo Diet brand is now available for strategic brand licensing through its exclusive licensing partner, The Valen Group. Jeff Dotson, Vice President at The Valen Group added, “The Paleo Diet is providing much-needed guidance to the food industry, marketers, retailers, and consumers in a very direct and beneficial way by codifying Paleo Diet standards and making them available to all food manufacturers. We look forward to making high-quality, nutrient-dense Paleo food choices available in the coming months and years. Whether on-the-go or preparing food for family meals at home, we want consumers to know that their food choices are the best they can be and that The Paleo Diet brand and certification trademarks convey the highest levels of compliance with the science of The Paleo Diet.”

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