Calling All Food Creators: Partner with Mealco to Launch Your Virtual Restaurant Brand

Food-tech company empowers culinary superstars to increase distribution, enhance brand exposure and drive more revenue

Mealco (“the Company”), a food-tech start-up focused on creating value for food brands, restaurant operators and customers, announced today a new initiative to identify food creators – both established brands and emerging chefs – to join its exclusive “Brand Innovators” program. Mealco will be selecting the best-of-the-best to expand its network of culinary innovators and help them penetrate new markets and enhance their brands.

New creators will join an existing slate of esteemed brand innovators that include Hillary Sterling’s Cayenne, Ken Gordon’s Mochidoki, Dani Beckerman’s Jars by Dani, Ariel and Leni Barbouth’s Nuchas, Nils Noren’s Num Pang and Matt and Chris Urakami’s Poutine Brothers.

Details for Mealco’s Brand Exclusive Incubator program are as follows:

  1. Culinary innovators will submit a “Request for Consideration” to join the Mealco Innovators Program.
  2. Once selected, creators will work with Mealco to develop a high-quality virtual menu that will be fulfilled by members of its nationwide restaurant operator network and delivered to customers via popular online delivery apps, including DoorDash, Uber Eats and Grubhub.
  3. Upon creation of your virtual stores, Mealco will optimize your menu so that it ranks highly in Internet searches and is calibrated for a delivery-centered business model. Brands are paired with restaurant operators based on their infrastructure and resources, local customer demographics, existing ingredient inventory and equipment and staff culinary capabilities.
  4. Using geo-tracking, orders are directed to the closest restaurant that carries your brand to ensure the food’s timely delivery to hungry customers.

If you’re a creator interested in joining Mealco’s Brand Innovator program, please contact To learn more about Mealco, visit

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