Pepsi Celebrates the Most Hotly Contested Latin Dishes to Show Fans that No Matter Their Preference, Their Favorite Dishes Are #MejorConPepsi

The brand goes behind-the-scenes with rapper Fat Joe and wife Lorena Cartagena on their own friendly food feud to unlock an exclusive DoorDash Deal for fans to get a free Pepsi with their dish, their way

Every Hispanic family has their own heated debate on a favorite dish – whether it’s the perfect take on arroz con pollo, the right preparation for tacos, a special empanada technique, or what it takes to get the most balanced ceviche. In celebration of this great cultural debate, Pepsi is highlighting the diversity of Latin American cuisine with new content and a reward for fans, to prove that no matter how a signature dish is enjoyed it can be #MejorConPepsi. 

To bring the campaign to life Pepsi got behind the scenes of one family’s debate, filming as Puerto Rican and Cuban raised rapper Fat Joe and his wife Lorena, of Colombian descent, dove into their own passionate dispute on the “correct” way to make some of their favorite dishes, starting with their most common sources of contention: tacos and arroz con pollo. Fans can tune in to the content to see how Fat Joe and Lorena each enjoy these dishes in their own way.

“I love seeing Pepsi showing up for the culture and highlighting one of the things Lorena and I love the most about it – the cuisine,” said Fat Joe. “With my Puerto Rican and Cuban roots and her Colombian ones, there’s no hiding the passion and pride we have for the foods we grew up eating. Even if my wife might roll her eyes at my preferences, at the end of the day we both know that no matter where we stand, it’s #MejorConPepsi.”

In celebration and support of local eats, the brand is also launching an exclusive DoorDash offer for fans to enjoy their own favorite Hispanic dishes. Consumers in New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Dallas and Houston will get $5 off a food order of $15 or more, with purchase of an ice-cold Pepsi or Pepsi Zero Sugar, from select local Hispanic restaurants until August 11, while supplies last.

Source: PepsiCo Beverages North America

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