What Are the Functions of a Commercial Oven

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There are many different ovens available on the market. The oven you pick will have different functionalities than other ovens people buy.

When looking at commercial ovens for kitchens, you’re most likely speaking to an audience of restaurant owners. Those are the individuals who use them. There are several different varieties of commercial ovens available, as we will go over. We will also discuss the functions of these commercial ovens and how they all differ. They all serve their unique purposes inside a bakery or kitchen.

Convection Oven

People can usually recognize a convection oven. Lots of folks have convection-style ranges in their homes. Or you might even think of the essential equipment needed for a bakery. Convection ovens work by evenly distributing heating throughout the oven. Through this displacement, everything is affected by the heat, permeating through the entire machine to cook your food to perfection consistently. This consistency is how most people cook at home; however, with commercial convection, multiple racks are made for large crowds.

Rotisserie Oven

This style of oven focuses on cooking evenly more than anything else. You might see whole chickens, sausages, or roasts cooking on rotisseries. A spit is a style of this oven that is constantly in motion. With a spit, the temperature is evenly maintained throughout the cook to prevent burning. These are great for slow cooks. You can eat all day. The problem with them is, because they are slow cooking, they take hours of preparation before you can eat from them.

Conveyer Oven

Then there is the conveyer oven, which is a little more technical. Some pizzerias utilize this style of stove instead of a traditional wood-fired pit. This method is used because it’s constantly in motion, much like the rotisserie. The temperature is a little higher, but the motion of moving forward prevents most of the burning. So instead of a slow cooker, you now have an even fast cook.

There are many different styles of ovens, and they are all great. We have delivered the definition behind what are the functions of what the functions of a commercial oven are.

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