The Benefits of Conveyors in the Food Industry

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Conveyor systems revolutionized industry across the world since their invention. Here are some reasons why they’re so crucial to the food industry.

Since its invention in 1892, the conveyor altered numerous industries, from car manufacturing to bottle production to recycling. In addition, innovations in conveyor technology completely restructured the way food processing facilities run. Here are some of the benefits of conveyors in the food industry.

Faster Production, Lower Cost

Conveyor systems increase the production speed of food items because the conveyors can move faster than human workers. Because fewer workers must operate the conveyors, the introduction of these systems reduced labor costs.

Using conveyors as the main method of moving components also removes human error, leading to fewer accidents and mistakes.

Increased Worker Safety

In modern food processing facilities, the conveyor systems do the heavy lifting. This means there are no longer employees carrying heavy loads across the facility. This reduces the chances of injury due to strenuous labor.

Workers also rarely interact with the conveyors, so there is no increased safety risk. Many conveyors have shields in place to keep the workers and food items safe.

Higher Quality Ingredients and Food Items

A conveyor system means that fewer people touch food as it is being produced. Previously, many hands contacted an item before it reached the final stages of production. This drastically increased the chances of dirt, germs, and other contaminants getting into the food.

With the prevalence of conveyor systems, food products are kept dust and contaminant-free during production and packaging. Food-grade conveyors are held to high sanitary standards; facilities must be kept clean or face fines and possible shutdown by the FDA.

The benefits of conveyors in the food industry can not be overstated; because of them, restaurants can access and serve top-quality ingredients to their customers.

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