Tips for Creating a Compost Bin at Your Restaurant

Have you considered creating a compost bin at your restaurant? Promote sustainability and learn how you can implement this practice in your business.

A compost bin consists of organic waste, nitrogen, oxygen, moisture, and carbon to decompose and create a rich compost you can use in a garden to grow crops. Creating a compost bin at your restaurant can provide you with many benefits. But how would you go about starting one? And what goes into the bin? Keep reading this guide to learn more about how you can compost at your business.

Why Start a Compost Bin?

One of the most significant reasons you would start a compost bin at your restaurant is to reduce the amount of food you’re wasting in the kitchen. Creating a sustainable kitchen can help prevent so much food from going into landfills. Repurposing food scraps into a compost bin can also minimize the amount of money your restaurant might spend to dispose of this waste.

What Should You NEVER Place in a Compost Bin?

It’s vital that you never throw certain food items in the compost bin because they could be difficult to decompose. You also do not want to attract rodents and pests to your bins due to the food you’re placing in them. Never place meat, fish, bones, dairy products, ashes, grease, oil, fats, or toxic materials in your bins.

What Are Suitable Food Scraps for Compost Bins?

While you should never place some items in a compost bin when creating one for your restaurant, you can repurpose most of your food scraps. Both brown and green waste is appropriate for composting. Brown waste, such as leaves, newspapers, and cardboard, provide carbon to your compost. Green waste, including fruit and vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, and eggshells, provides nitrogen to your compost. Both sources of waste are necessary to start the composting process.

How To Start the Composting Process

First, you need to gather the correct tools. You’ll need a large bin to accumulate your food waste—typically, a large, old, clean trash can works best for this! Additionally, you will need a small bag of soil or compost starter to kick-start the process and a shovel to rotate the waste at the appropriate times.

Second, place the bin in a location that is accessible to all employees so they can partake and throw in scraps when necessary. Add a small layer of the compost starter at the bottom of the bin and begin collecting food scraps. You will turn or mix your compost every few weeks to allow the oxygen to further the decomposition process. Your container should also remain as moist as a used sponge to create the perfect environment.

Continue adding brown and green layers of waste to build up the compost. It could take a few months to a year to complete the process. Once it is done, the texture of the compost should be crumbly and dark in color. You can then repurpose the compost to grow your own vegetables, fruit, and herbs for your restaurant!

Is composting something you were considering implementing at your restaurant? This is an excellent opportunity to become a more sustainable business, and it provides you with countless benefits. Minimize the waste you create in your kitchen by repurposing the scraps for a compost bin!

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