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From food and wine to travel, Cuisine Noir magazine delivers what readers are looking for which is more than where to find the next great meal.  And most importantly, it is a culinary publication that compliments readers’ lifestyles and desire for a diverse epicurean experience.

Cuisine Noir made its debut online in October of 2007 with a successful run through December 2008 as the first magazine to feature the talents of African-American culinary and wine professionals across the country.  As the vision of Chef Richard Pannell, the magazine is tapping into an underserved market of African-American foodies and wine enthusiasts as well as acting as a unique vehicle to showcase the talents of industry professionals.

In September 2009, the magazine re-emerged online under V. Sheree Publishing and has since captured readers once again from all over the country.  Each month, readers are treated to stories about industry experts and professionals to vineyards and world class destinations around the world. Celebrity chefs featured include The Neelys, Tre Wilcox, Nikki Shaw, Aaron McCargo, Jr., Sunny Anderson and Andrew Zimmern.  In addition, the magazine is also the first to showcase the “foodie” side of other celebrities such as Mo’Nique, Wendy Williams, Chris Bridges (aka Ludacris), Dee Dee Bridgewater, Dhani Jones, Terence Blanchard, Bootsy Collins and Gerald Albright.

Cuisine Noir is also seen as a diversity agent to help increase the visibility of African-Americans in the culinary industry among mainstream media, organizations and corporations.  Through its partners such as the Food Network, Travel Channel, reality show casting agencies and the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade, it has been able to help open doors for professionals across the country.

As the premier online magazine for reaching and catering to influential and affluent African-Americans, Cuisine Noir is the perfect fit for foodies who are looking for the ultimate culinary experience that truly compliments their lifestyle and enjoyment of both the simple and finer things in life.

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