About The Culinary Scoop

The Culinary Scoop is the creation of Sheree Williams, the publisher of the first online food, wine and travel magazine for African-Americans called Cuisine Noir.  Readers received The Culinary Scoop weekly on Facebook and now food lovers from all over the world will be able to enjoy this entertaining and witty take on a variety of delicious topics centered around the three things she loves the most.

An extension of Cuisine Noir Magazine, The Culinary Scoop is like no other food blog and is considered a leader in the area of showcasing the lifestyles of foodies around world especially African-Americans.  In addition, it is a leading source for culinary news and industry happenings that will keep everyone in the know and on top of their game.

Its online sibling, Cuisine Noir, was originally re-launched in September 2009 and has captured the attention of food and wine enthusiasts internationally.  Published monthly, the magazine showcases the talents of unsung African-Americans in the culinary, wine and travel industries. www.cuisinenoirmag.com.

The Culinary Scoop launched in September 2010, one year later to provide a daily and weekly voice to the magazine because simply put, life is just too yummy to wait another month to talk about it.  The online resource will also hit the airwaves with a monthly segment on the radio show, Soul Suite Radio, to offer a juicy pairing of food and music around the world.

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  1. Dear Culinary Noir and Culinary Scoop team members:

    What a wonderful resource! – .Mouth Watering. Smile Forming. Timely. Needed – Fabulous!

    All the BEST
    Alyssia Alexandria
    My Darling Theo

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